The vehicle wash process is all about the interaction between chemistry, mechanical processes and the surface to be cleaned. DDI designs and manufactures chemicals and equipment from the from the ‘ground up’ and sells directly to the end user. This ‘ground level’ knowledge of both halves of the wash process leads to superior products.

An industrial strength all purpose cleaner and degreaser, All Clean is our flagship product. It can handle anything up to full strength:

• Cars/Trucks
• Boats/RVs
• Quads/ATV
• Wheels
• Engines
• Awnings
• Carpets
• Concrete

Dilute 30:1 for:
• Road Film
• Bugs
• Brake Dust
• Grease
• Oil
• Mold
• Oil Based Mud
• Paint Overspray

ODEX is a proprietary mixture of high foaming surfactants, d-limonene, chelating agents, odor absorbing compounds and quaternary disinfectants.

Use ODEX for:
• Dumpster odor control
• Drain odor control
• Multi surface cleaner and disinfectant

Suitable for AMINE, SULFIDE, THIO, and MERCAPTAN based odors

​How does ODEX work?

It attacks odors through four synergistic pathways:
1. Our QUAT disinfectant formula will attack odors at their biological source!
2. Covalent bonding with odor causing molecules.
4. A fresh CITRUS FRAGRANCE provides immediate relief!